6 Underground Movie Review

6 Underground Movie Review

This is an action thriller movie. Movie is the story of 6 in the shadow follows six billionaires who have faked their own deaths to form a squad of vigilantes to finish off the world’s most notorious criminals without being held accountable.

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If I am talk about the movie then the action sequences are constant and strong, to be sure, but it is also true that they are extremely chaotic, disorganized and many of them, simply absurd. For those who like good scripts, they can forget about it. Despite the good actors, all conversations are with a sly and careless content, which does not arrest the viewer at all. I found myself wanting to turn off the computer window because the jokes they make are very, very bad.

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At the end of two hours, I was left with disappointment on my face. 6 Underground “another film” like so many others, which fills our curriculum with seen films. What was most worthwhile was seeing the Portuguese actress Lidia Franco shine and steal the lead in several scenes. I will not say that it is not worth seeing, but I certainly will not give you a second chance. You can watch 6 underground movieninja movie in 720p 1080p HD quality at home. Download full 6 underground movie online without registration or free fees.